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This an exciting opportunity for students at Shine Performing Arts

SPA is one of the few drama schools outside London that is a Spotlight approved agency. Our philosophy at Shine is to know our students abilities and what roles are suitable. We aim to improve chances of success by practising self tape and audition techniques.

Here at SPA we prepare all students for a variety of monologues and scripted work so they become confident in front of the camera. We offer support so they are able to step out of their comfort zone by creating characters and dropping their inhibitions.

Best performances are filmed and retained on students personal show reel which is attached to SPA Agency and Spotlight profile.

SPA Parents

Parents will be made aware that going the agency can be a big commitment on their time and possible financial expenses. Travel to London and from London upon request. Self taping is important and as an Agency we will not request any payment for representing the children. However should a student be successful in securing a role, a percentage will be payable to SPA. This is detailed in the Agency contract which will require completion at the outset.

Headshots taken by our very own Spotlight recommended photographer, Mike Bell Photography

A great benefit for using our photographer, he knows what the casting directors are looking for. It should be noted that as the children grow it is important to keep these photographs updated.

As the agent we work with the parents to select three (different) looks for submission to Spotlight. Spotlight is a directory used by all casting directors:

  • The cost is £106 annually usually deducted one month after the headshots and details of the student have been uploaded.
  • Monthly payments can be organised so please go visit for details and for tips on auditions and workshops etc.

Here at SPA we receive jobs available on Spotlight. We discuss all prospective children to establish who fits the brief. You can be rest assured that it is in the interest of Shine we do this process conscientiously. It is important to remember that this is a very tough industry so if your child is not selected they should not be discouraged. New opportunities always pop up!

Auditions and Castings

Attending auditions and performing a self tape is good experience for those children that wish to pursue a career in acting. Becoming comfortable during auditions and working on self tapes could lead to success and obviously the more prepared they are increases those chances.

The majority of auditions take place in London, so parents may face unexpected expenses such as cost of travel. It is vital parents are aware as these expenses will not be reimbursed. Also note if your child is shortlisted this may involve more than one trip.

Castings can be conducted at very short notice and your child may be requested to be seen urgently. Again this could be a trip into London. In some cases children will be requested more frequently than others. We encourage to make the most of every opportunity as and when it presents itself.


When a child at SPA agency is successful we will request a license from the relevant local government office. This is for children under the age of 16. SPA insist that parents inform the school that your child maybe required to attend auditions at short notice. Children over the age of 16 are not required to have a license, however we believe it’s still considerate to notify the school or college of potential absence.

Remuneration for jobs can vary from one job to another. Commercials and feature films often pay more as a one off payment, whereas television is often paid at a daily rate. However, the financial gain is always welcome and the opportunity for your child to pursue their dreams to work on major projects.

We do not guarantee success as this competitive industry however we focus do our best to promote your child and prepare them to increase their chances of success.

Welcome to SPA!



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