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Shine Performing Arts

SHINE PERFORMING ARTS has opened in a number of different venues across the south Coast, offering classes in all different genres of drama and performance.  Our drama school is an all inclusive school and all our teachers are industry experienced and have an enhanced DBS certificate.

Our focus for Shine is to develop each child through the medium of drama in a field they are interested in, which allows them to find strengths and talents in other areas. This could be script writing, filming, song writing, poetry, singing or acting. We work on increasing self confidence and self esteem and this will always be at the forefront of our teaching.

All children will have the opportunity to practice self taping and audition techniques, which will enhance the overall experience and give them the skills they need if they wish to seek professional acting work through our Shine agent.

So our budding stars get a true reflection of the industry we will be inviting Drama/the Arts/Screen/Stage guest speakers to come to our classes.

Your Child/Children may be asked at times to attend local events either to perform and/or to represent Shine.

You will agree we have a full programme of exciting projects ahead, to allow every student to “Shine”.

June Young and the Shine Team.

Shine Studios

Our Shine Studios has introduced a film and television class, which will only focus on this area of the industry.  This class will encourage older children to develop skills in script writing, filming, directing, voice over work, as well as interviewing and TV presenting.


Our SPA agency is there to represent all our children for professional paid work in the industry.  We will also create show reels for each child so they have a portfolio of work that can be produced for any casting directors.



We have many exciting projects planned including our ongoing film topic,  “Hartington Keep School of Magic which all our classes will have the opportunity to participate in.  Each class will be representing a house and have their own storyline. Students will develop their own characters and plot, and to work on their own script should they wish. All the classes will be invited to film their version with professional film crews at a Famous Historic landmark in the New Forest in the Spring of 2019.


We will also be producing a musical showcase of live performances from across the classes, which will feature songs from the musicals and the Greatest Showman, which does seem to be a firm favourite with our Students.


Our Ongoing television show “Why Don’t You Shine” is produced by the students and offers presenting, interviewing and public speaking as well as gaining self confidence.

Showcase Performances

Each class will visit a musical which is being performed locally and choose what they wish to perform in the Summer term for the parents/Guardians and peers. It is hoped that we will also be able to show the film projects that the students have been working on at the same time so culminating into an evening extravaganza of merit and achievement where you can see what your child/children have achieved.


All students will also have the opportunity to take exams for Lamda and New Era in both drama and musical theatre and there will also be an opportunity to compete in the Southampton Drama Festival in March.

2021 Class Schedule

West End



Wednesday  – 4.30pm to 6.30pm

For ages 4 to 18

Townhill Farm Community Centre,
Wessex Road,
SO18 3RA

Townhill Farm Community Centre, West End

New term starts Wednesday 8th September 2021






Ages 5-8 & 9-12 – Junior Classes 4-6pm

Ages 13-18 – Teenage classes 6-8pm

Ashurst & Colbury Church Rooms,
Deerleap Lane,
SO40 7EH

Ashurst & Colbury Church Rooms, Ashurst

New term starts Thursday 9th September 2021

Shine Performing Arts

We aim to bring out the hidden talents and confidence of all pupils, as each and every child has something special . We aim to make them SHINE

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Shine Performing Arts

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Open hours:-

Monday to Friday

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