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Section headingExplanatory notesSection content
1.   IntroductionShine has regular, regulated contact with both children and adults; providing children with: Acting/Theatre/performing arts/film  tuition, providing direction and supervision during class sessions, and providing adults (the children’s parents/care-givers) with customer service.

(Regulated activity can be defined as ‘frequent

contact’ with a vulnerable person (once a month or


SHINE makes a positive contribution to a strong and safe community and recognises the right of every individual to stay safe.


SHINE comes into contact with children and their adult parents/care-givers through the following activities:

SHINE Theatre/ After School Clubs / Performing arts/music/ singing/ Holiday Workshops / Youth Sessions.

The types of contact with children and adults are/will be regulated.

This policy seeks to ensure that SHINE undertakes its responsibilities with regard to protection of children and will respond to concerns appropriately.

The policy establishes a framework to support paid and unpaid workers in their practices and clarifies the organisation’s expectations.

2.   LegislationThis section refers to the principal pieces of legislation governing the application of this policy.The principal pieces of legislation governing this policy are:

o Working together to safeguard Children 2010

o The Children Act 1989

o The Adoption and Children Act 2002

o The Children act 2004

o Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

o Care Standards Act 2000

o Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

o The Police Act – CRB 1997

o Mental Health Act 1983

o NHS and Community Care Act 1990

o Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

3.DefininitionsThis section defines the term safeguarding It also defines the terms protection and abuse andthe group covered by the policy.Safeguarding is about embedding practices throughout the

organisation to ensure the protection of children wherever possible. In contrast, child protection is about responding to

Circumstances that arise.

Abuse is a selfish act of oppression and injustice, exploitation and Manipulation of power by those in a position of authority. This can be caused by those inflicting harm or those who fail to act to prevent harm. Abuse is not restricted to any socio-economic group, gender or culture.

It can take a number of forms, including the following:

• Physical abuse

• Sexual abuse

• Emotional abuse

• Bullying

• Neglect

• Financial (or material) abuse

Definition of a child

A child is under the age of 18 (as defined

4.ResponsibilitiesThis section contains details of responsibilities at various levels of the organisation. The areas of responsibility are listed below. Key responsibilities at various levels are:

·       The policy is in place and appropriate

(June Young) 

(Angie Lavery)

·       The policy is accessible

(to all workers)

·       The policy is monitored and reviewed by

(June Young) 

(Angie Lavery)

·       Promoting the welfare of children

(June Young) 

(Angie Lavery)

·        Ensure workers (paid and unpaid) have access to appropriate training/information

(June Young) 

(Angie Lavery)

·       Receive staff concerns about safeguarding and respond to all seriously, swiftly and appropriately

(June Young) 

(Angie Lavery)

·        Keep up to date with local arrangements for safeguarding and DBS

(June Young) 

(Angie Lavery)

·       Take forward concerns about responses

(June Young) 

(Angie Lavery)

All staff (paid or unpaid) have responsibility to follow the guidance laid out in this policy and related policies, and to pass on any welfare concerns using the required procedures.

We expect all staff (paid or unpaid) to promote good practice by being an excellent role model, contribute to discussions about safeguarding and to positively involve people in developing safe practices.

Additional specific responsibilities

The lead safeguarding officers are:

June Young – Principal

Angie Lavery – Assistant

These person’s responsibilities are:

•To manage the day-to-day running of Shine

•To provide children with drama tuition, direction & supervision.

•To liaise with the children/parents/care-givers and schools

•To manage worker’s hours of work and ensure adequate training and information has been provided to ensure that the worker has the knowledge to carry out their work in a safe and controlled environment.

•To receive concerns regarding children/school/parent and care-givers and their safeguarding and welfare and to respond or forward appropriately.

5. Communications training and support for staffInduction: Typical ways in which we include safeguarding issues during induction include:

• Discussion of the Child Safeguarding Policy (and confirmation of understanding)

• Discussion of other relevant policies

• Ensure familiarity with reporting processes, the roles of Managers (and who acts in their absence)

• Initial training on safeguarding including: safe working practices, understanding child protection

Training & Communications – typical mechanisms for enabling effective discussion of safeguarding issues between staff might include:

Team meetings

SMT meetings

One to one meetings (formal or informal),

Support – typical support mechanisms would include:

• Debriefing support for paid and unpaid workers

so that they can reflect on the issues they have dealt with.

• Workers who have initiated protection concerns will be contacted by manager within 1 week.

SHINE commits resources for induction, training of workers (paid and unpaid), effective communications and support mechanisms in relation to Safeguarding

Induction will include: Reading & discussing all worker’s policies and confirm understanding Working closely alongside managers until managers & workers feel comfortable that workers are fully equipped for the job


All staff who, through their role, are in contact with children will have access to safeguarding training at an appropriate level.

Sources and types of training will include: Team meetings role-play scenarios & discussion.

Communications and discussion of safeguarding issues

Commitment to the following communication methods will ensure effective communication of safeguarding issues and practice:

• Team meetings

• Manager meetings

• One to one meetings


We recognise that involvement in situations where there is risk or actual harm can be stressful for workers concerned. The mechanisms in place to support workers include:

• Debrief for individuals or as a team.

• Contact with worker who has initiated protection concerns within 1 week.

6. Professional BoundariesThis section covers aspects such as relationships with customers.

• Giving and receiving gifts from customers

• Staff contact with user groups

• Other relevant policies

Professional boundaries are what define the limits of a relationship between a worker and a customer. They are a set of standards we agree to uphold that allows this necessary and often close relationship to exist while ensuring the correct detachment is kept in place.

SHINE expects workers to protect the professional integrity of themselves and the organisation.

The following professional boundaries must be adhered to:

• Giving and receiving gifts from customers:

SHINE does not allow paid or unpaid workers to give gifts to customers unless managers have given prior permission.

Workers are permitted to receive small, token gifts from customers at appropriate times, for example, at Christmas/End of Term, provided the workers inform management of these instances. However gifts may be provided by the organisation as part of a planned activity.

• Staff contact with user groups: Personal relationships between a worker (paid or unpaid) and a customer who is a current service user is prohibited. This includes relationships through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

It is also prohibited to enter into a personal relationship with a person who has been a service user over the past 12 months.

The following policies also contain guidance on workers

(paid or unpaid) conduct: SHINE  Code of Conduct

-includes guidance on:

Use of abusive language/Response to behaviour/Customer’s

personal contact details/Personal relationships/Personal contact.

If the professional boundaries and/or policies are breached this could result in disciplinary procedures.

7. ReportingThe simplest way to communicate the process of

reporting is via our simple flow chart.

SHINE  will be expected to complete the local authorities( Hampshire) initial contact form when informing

them of a concern about a child. Information on

reporting concerns will be found at www.gscb.org.uk

If the immediate manager is implicated, then refer to

their line manager or peer.

The process outlined below details the stages involved in raising and reporting safeguarding concerns at SHINE:

1.     Communicate your concerns with your immediate manager

2.     Seek medical attention for the vulnerable person if needed

3.     Discuss with parents/care-givers of child Or with vulnerable person.

Obtain permission to

Make referral is safe

And appropriate.  .

4.     Complete the Incident Report Form provided by organisation if required and submit to the local authority within 24 hours of making a contact

5.     Ensure that feedback from the Local Authority is received and their response recorded

8. MonitoringThe safeguarding aspects which would typically

be monitored.

The organisation will monitor the following Safeguarding aspects:

• Safe recruitment practices

• DBS checks undertaken

• References applied for new workers

• Training – register/ record of worker training

• Monitoring whether concerns are being reported and actioned

• Checking that policies are up to date and relevant

• Reviewing the current reporting procedure in place

9. Managing InformationThis section refers to measures in place to ensure that information is managed and accurately and confidentially recorded.Information will be gathered, recorded and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

All workers must be aware that they have a professional duty to share information with other agencies in order to safeguard children. The public interest in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults may override confidentiality interests. However, information will be shared on a need to know basis only, as judged by the Manager.

All workers must be aware that they cannot promise customers or their families/care-givers that they will keep secrets.

10. Communicating and reviewing the policyHow the customer can view the Child Safeguarding Policy.

The review period for the Child Safeguarding Policy.

SHINE will make customers aware of the Child Safeguarding Policy through their website.

This policy will be reviewed by the Principal and deputy safeguarding officer, June Young , once every year and when there are changes in legislation

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The levels above are provided by the government as an alert system we have identified our risk as follows:


Level 4:           High Risk       Classes will discontinue until level has returned to level 3  

Level 3:           Med Risk        Classes can continue outdoors only Until reach safe level

Level2/3         Low risk         Classes can continue ourdoord and indoors when advised

                                                   When gov advised indoor classes can resume

Level 1             Low risk        Classes continue as normal


Covid Risk assessment for Shine Performing Arts:

Performers (Students) Teaching Staff


Potential hazard Identified

Low risk controls

Medium risk controls

High Risk controls

Air born risk

travelling to the



Same as high

Same as high

• Contact performers/parents/guardians before session  

• Parents to sign children into class declaring no symptoms  

 displayed in 24 the last hours

• If any symptoms performers must not attend


Symptoms are:

Flu like symptoms

• High temperature

Breathing difficulty’s

• loss of  smell or taste


• Temperature to be taken of each performer before entering

  if temperature above 37.8 degrees performer will be asked to

  isolate and to return to session after a 2 week period

Students will be encouraged to cough or sneeze using the

  inside of their elbow or a tissue which should be put in the

  provide bin bag or flushed down the toilet





Same as high

Same as high

• Toilet area to be used one child at a time and supervised

• Must be washed before and after each single visit

• At time of session is only to be used for performers and staff

• Principal will disinfect at the end of the session

Hand washing




Same as high

Same as high

• Hand washing soap must be in a pump action dispenser  

• Disposable towels must be used and disposed of in a bin  

Children should bring their own sanitiser, labelled with their



Social distancing  




Same as high

Same as high

Wipable coloured dots will be placed on ground

• Performers informed at start of each session to remain on their

 dot which will be at least 2 meters apart

• Performers reminded to not touch each other or come into

 contact with each other

• Any singing to be done outside the room

Drinks and accessories



Same as high

Same as high

• Each child to bring their own water/drinks in their own  

 labelled drinks bottle and snacks

Mobile phones are permitted for emergency use but use

 should be reduced to a minimum during class


On arrival         ~        All parents are asked to maintain social distancing when arriving at the venue

                        ~        No parents are allowed in the actual performance room but can drop children

                                  off in the foyer, where they will be asked to complete the test / trace form and

                                  the declaration


On departure     ~      Parents to collect children, one by one, from the foyer of the building, maintaining

                                 Social distancing

                                                      Indoor and Outdoor/Event Risk Assessment

                                                             Managing the Risk of Coronavirus


Date assessed: June 2020

Assessed /Ratified by: June Young


Review date: June 2021


The purpose of the risk assessment is to provide controls to manage the risk of coronavirus at an indoor and outdoor class or event.The controls have been split into three levels: low medium and high .                                                                                                                                      The Covid alert system will determine which level is required.

Our Terms and Conditions

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions governing the relationship between you and Shine Performing Arts.

This Agreement is a legally binding agreement made between Shine Performing Arts and a Parent of an enrolled Student and is valid at all times whilst the Student is engaged on a Shine Performing Arts activity, until such time that one month’s written notice is received in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions and will communicate the change to you at the address or email specified by you at least one month prior to the change taking place. Parents should therefore raise any queries relating to amendments to terms and conditions within fourteen days of receipt of the notification of the changes.


  • ‘Course’ refers to a course of classes offering tuition in stage/television drama which will be delivered during the term. Course classes will take place once a week for one and a half / two hours, as detailed at the time of booking.
  • ‘Holiday Workshop/ Camp’ refers to workshops run by Shine during the breaks between terms.
  • ‘Principal’ refers to the head teacher of a particular Shine School.
  • ‘Term’ refers to an academic school term and
  • ‘Term dates’ refer to the dates for the relevant term.
  • ‘Private lesson’ refers to a one to one session between a teacher and a pupil, usually for the purposes of taking an examination or participating in a drama festival.

  • To apply for a place for a new student to enrol in a Shine class, the Parent must agree to all the terms and conditions and submit a CONTACT form online or by post. A free trial will then be arranged.
  • Each student’s place is allocated on a ‘first come, first served basis,’ and an application form will then require completion listing Contact details, interests and medical details and must be accompanied by the relevant first payment/transfer as set out on the application form.
  • Should the Principal of a class be unable to accept a student due to capacity reasons, the student may then be placed on a reserve list and contacted as and when a place becomes available.
  • Fees are payable in advance and due on the first date the student attends following a free trial and will then be payable monthly, per term or annually, whichever method the parent selects. A month’s notice must be submitted in writing should a student decide to leave the class but we do encourage students to finish any term projects before this happens so other children are not affected by this decision should a production be in progress.
  • Payments for holiday courses/workshops must accompany the booking form and details of these will be available on the website a few months in advance to the start date of the project.
  • Payments will be accepted by the following methods:-
  1. Bank transfer
  2. Cash
  3. Cheques made payable to Mrs June Young t/a Shine Performing Arts
  4. Standing order.


Shine will allow a 20% discount from a sibling’s fees and should there be more than one sibling parents should ask the principal of the Shine class they are attending for further details of discounts available.

Shine will also grant a 20% discount on holiday workshops for children who have been attending Shine classes for three consecutive terms.

At times, Shine will grant scholarships to children but this will be at the discretion of the Senior Principal, June Young and will be viewed on an individual basis.

  • In order to avoid disturbance in classes, you and your child are asked to arrive in good time, usually 10 minutes prior to the start time of the class.
  • A teacher is permitted to ask a child to sit out of a class if he/she is behaving badly which is preventing the other children from enjoying the project at that time.
  • Children are asked to keep talking and chatting to a minimum so we can all benefit from the classes and can maximise the use of our class times.
  • In the event that payments of the fees are missed the right to send the child to attend their class is withdrawn until the payment is received and brought up to date. Should the account fall into arrears on more than three occasions during any one calendar year we reserve the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect.
  • Shine reserves the right to use any individual or group photographs or movie shots of your child for press or promotional purposes. Parents will be asked to give their written consent for this when completing the application form.
  • Parents will always be asked if they are happy for their child to be participating in topics that may be considered to be of a controversial nature, although all material used is considered to be age appropriate.
  • Bullying, harassment, abuse or other inappropriate behaviour by parents or children and any of their guests who attend Shine classes will not be accepted and will result in permanent exclusion.
  • You and your child are expected to treat all teachers, staff and other children with the utmost respect and consideration and Shine will adopt a zero tolerance to rude, offensive or aggressive remarks and behaviour .
  • The health and safety policy of the venue must be adhered to at all times.
  • Smoking or consumption of alcohol and the use of illegal substances is not permitted at any of our classes.
  • Should the class fall on a Bank Holiday a replacement date will be offered as soon as possible.
  • Students must wear appropriate footwear at all times, laces are not recommended for children who are unable to tie them, and Shine Tshirts and hoodies can be purchased through the website.
  • Should the child appear unwell and still wishes to attend it is the responsibility of the parent to inform the Principal of the class.
  • Any medication should be clearly labelled and the Principal informed of it.
  • Parents are expected to inform Shine of any change in Contact details in the event of emergency.
  • Parents are expected to collect their children personally and on time unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with the Principal.
  • Personal property is the responsibility of the child and Shine cannot be held responsible for the loss of or damage to personal belongings.
  • The liability of the Shine Teachers is restricted to class time only.
  • In the event that a student is unable to attend classes due to sickness, holiday or a decision by the parent or student not to attend, the principal must be informed prior to the class and we regret that fees cannot be refunded for that purpose.
  • Occasionally times and dates of classes or rooms may have to be changed and this will only be done if deemed absolutely necessary i.e. the room is required by the venue for exams etc.
  • Severe weather conditions may result in the cancellation of a lesson without warning so parents will need to check their email or text in this event. Should this occur every effort will be made to make up the time but can always be guaranteed as it may be subject to the availability of the venue.
  • Shine may need to bring in other teachers for specific tasks or change a teacher due to personal commitments but all teachers employed by Shine will carry an enhanced DBS criminal records check.
  • Parents are asked to make sure that children have eaten prior to a class and they can bring a drink in a sealed beaker/bottle to avoid spillages.
  • Shine fees will be reviewed annually and may be increased in the September term each year.
  • These Terms and Conditions, together with any Fee note, Acceptance Letter and/or Acceptance Letter/Email constitute the entire agreement between the parties which supersedes and extinguishes all previous agreements, promises, assurances, warranties, representations and understandings between them, whether written or oral, relating to its subject matter.
  • In the event that one or more of the provisions of the Agreement are found to be unlawful or otherwise unenforceable, those provisions will be deemed severed from the remainder of the Agreement.
  • The Agreement shall be governed by , and construed in accordance with, the laws of England and Wales and any dispute, proceedings or claim shall fall within the jurisdiction of the England courts.
We do not exclude or limit our liability in any way for:-

  • Death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors
  • Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation
  • Breach of the terms implied by section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (description, satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and samples): and
  • Defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.
Shine recognises that parents may feel the need to complain about a variety of issues so please note that this should be addressed confidentially particularly if it involves another child so please speak to the Principal of the class as a first port of call. Should you feel the need to take the matter further please contact June Young at spa@post.com or telephone 07887731155.

Shine Performing Arts

We aim to bring out the hidden talents and confidence of all pupils, as each and every child has something special . We aim to make them SHINE

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Shine Performing Arts

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