Shine Online Drama Classes

Shine has now moved into online training on an individual basis for those students who wish to focus on examinations, self tapes and audition technique or for the less confident students who are not comfortable in a class situation.

Continue Your Drama LEssons Online

Having been pushed into this new area due to the current pandemic situation it was recognised that the students moved at a much accelerated rate in terms of confidence and development, and were so enthusiastic and conscientious at taking on the tasks presented to them. A structured approach to learning concentrating on vocal exercises, different aspects of facial expression, body language and movement with a naturalistic feel, as well as lessons based on character development resulting in monologues which are performed, LAMDA examination material for solo dramatic performances or duologues in some cases, musical theatre monologues and songs, accents, presenting skills, scriptwriting and voice over work.

Online sessions also highlight strengths and areas that may need individual attention which can then assist them when self taping or auditioning for professional roles or competing in drama festivals or taking examinations. These sessions can be booked as a course or alternatively on an ad hoc basis prior to an examination or casting in order to enhance the chances of success in whatever area the student requires individual focus.

Shine do have their own professional Spotlight approved agency which all students are welcome to join, and the Private Online sessions work towards better opportunities for auditions/self tapes and gives the child more of a chance of success in this area of professional castings.

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