SPA Agency represents children and young adult performers in film, commercials, TV and modelling

SPA Agency form part of Shine Performing Arts school is a professional talent agency, approved by Spotlight London. Spotlight is a casting directory used by all casting directors across the UK. So that professional work for children and young adults are safeguarded.

SPA agency represents young performers aged from 5 to 25 years from our Shine Performing arts school. We put forward talent for television, film and theatre, along with commercials voice work and modelling. Attending classes with Shine will teach important methods to prepare your child for auditions. We do this by practicing self-taping, monologues and audition techniques.

Being associated with SPOTLIGHT gives us first hand updates for all up and coming castings and auditions. Our hard-working students that show potential to progress in the industry will be put forward for work.

At SPA we are lucky to have a Spotlight approved photographer to take care of professional headshots for our books and self tapes for auditions. Rates are reasonable to get you started.

Register for a free trial or to find your nearest venue visit  classes and venues.

We look forward to working with you.

The Shine Team. 
“Why fit in when your born to STAND  out”– DR SEUSS

It takes a lot of courage and confidence to attend an audition.

We extremely proud of all our students they give their very best

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Self-tape auditions have made it possible for more actors to audition remotely, that means making the perfect self-tape is more important than ever for working actors. 

We know what casting directors are looking for, so at Shine we offer a self taping service to support you on your journey. 

There is no obligation to take us on up our offer however we do suggest if you record your own self tape that you send it to us for editing. We will make sure that is it uploaded on to the relevant platforms required by the casting directors. It will be in safe hands, edited and delivered correctly and on time. 

Self Tape Casting Package Online/Phone- FREE SERVICE

  • Assistance with interpretation of Instructions
  • Assistance with script and character
  • Tips on how to film the self tape

Self Tape Casting Full Process Package- £30

  • Shine team will film and edit the self tape
  • Option to travel to one of our venues or schedule a home visit
  • Shine team will upload the self tape to the assigned platform. (Tagmin, Dropbox, Wetransfer)
  • Service cost £30. Cost my be subject to fuel increase should distance be over 15 miles or minutes

Self Tape Casting Show Reel Package- £75

  • Gather and edit materials for a Show Reel from existing film projects to highlight other skills such as dancing.
  • Provide a venue for filming of monologues
  • Create content and upload to Spotlight profiles
  • Service cost starting form £75


Shine Performing Arts is an all-inclusive performing arts and acting school opening opportunities for all students. SPA Agency is dedicated to the students enrolled at the school. Download and fill in the contact form below  to be represented by SPA Agency.


Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film. SPA Agency nurtures the talent of students attending Shine Performing Arts School to prepare for auditions, and professional work. 


Does my child need to attend Shine Performing Arts School to be on SPA Agency Books?

Yes, although we do not charge a fee to be on our SPA Agency books. Children who attend Shine Performing Arts School are put forward for professional work.

How do I find out if my child has been accepted?

Once you have completed the contact form we will schedule you for a free taster session. After this session we will discuss next steps.

How do I find out if my child has an audition?

Your child will be suggested for all eligible briefs and if the casting director requests an audition they will do so via the agent and SPA AGENCY will then contact you. This may take the form of a face to face audition which may request the child to be seen in London at a set time and place or alternatively submit a self tape audition by a nominated deadline. Parents do need to understand that these castings do not happen very often and it is a small industry so it is not advisable to refuse to do an audition or to attempt to change times. There is a high expectation as to the level of commitment required in terms of time and support for the child.

Does my child need a professional portfolio to apply?

No, we provided professional headshots

How long will my child be on your books for?

All children will be on our books as long as they are enrolled at Shine Performing Arts School. 

Can you guarantee my child will work in the industry?

NO, unfortunately we do not have any influence to which child will secure work. It is not possible for any agencies to guarantee any child work. We are sent specific briefs from clients, and it is our job to present to the client children on our books who fit the brief. It is the client or casting director who has the final say.

Will my child have to miss school?

Children who book work during their schooling hours will always be licensed by us via their Local Education Authority. This is to safe guard children and their guardians.  

why do i need to complete a contact form?

A contact form needs to be completed in respect of each child prior to them attending so the school is fully aware of any medical details and any contact details for next of kin should a problem occur. This is all part of the safeguarding process.

Shine requests this prior to the FREE TRIAL so valuable teaching time is not spent on administration during the lesson although staff are always happy to talk to parents should the need arise. It also helps the teacher prepare for the lesson with the correct number of children.

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