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We run our Drama Classes throughout Southampton & The New Forest, with acting schools in Redbridge, Bitterne and Hythe. 

Our Drama Classes

We have carefully planned and structured our drama classes to cater for all ages providing young children and 
teens throughout with truly exceptional, fun and rewarding Performing Arts training.

Audition and Self-Taping

In our lessons you’ll learn all about audition techniques and what is expected of you in an audition situation. Within the acting and performing arts industry auditions and self-tapes are of fundamental importance. We will teach you how to behave as well as develop your skill set in terms of acting to increase your chances of gaining professional work. If/when you do get an audition for a role, you will often have to complete a self-tape and if needed members of our team will assist students in this process.

Performing Arts

We try and look at a range of skills, although our primary focus is developing the students acting ability as well as confidence we also look at dancing and singing. Within our lessons we will look at projects such as creating music videos, with the assistance of professional choreographers and vocal coaches. We will access recording studios in order to create refined and professional work. Our lessons are not only for acting but like its name sake looks at all aspects of performing arts so that students are versatile and can apply for roles that require other talents.

Acting Classes

Our classes are varied and cater for all. We look at a range of acting styles and techniques which will broaden our student’s mindset and increase their acting ability making them potentially more desirable to casting directors if they were to go up for professional work. In these lessons not only do you go away having learnt something, you also get to create projects and have fun in the process. We focus on building confidence and we put a big emphasis on giving every student a chance and the opportunity to shine.

Agency Representation

As a Spotlight approved agency company we will put you up for professional work if you fit the profile. This an amazing chance for any aspiring actor or actress to get castings for not only independent films and commercials but also big Netflix shows and films and West End productions. We will get to know you individually which means we are able to put you up for roles that suit your skill set and that you would enjoy.

Confidence Building and Self Esteem

We look at not only the performing side of the industry but all aspects of film making. We give students the opportunity to learn camera and sound skills if they are interested in that aspect of film making. It will not only give them more options in terms of how to get into the industry but also highlights the importance of other aspects of film making.


We aim to help shyer students build their confidence and self-esteem and we do this through our performances as the students will perform in front of each other; we will slowly push the boundaries of our students but making sure they are not uncomfortable at any time. This will build confidence and self-esteem as they will get used to performing in front of others but they will also increase their acting skills with this method.

Social interaction and Family/Friend Atmosphere

We definitely make sure that we create a family like atmosphere for all of our students. We complete educational activities with a focus on team building so when we gain new students, they immediately feel welcome. We encourage friendships within lessons- as there are a lot of group activities in which they are able to have creative freedom and therefore discuss ideas with each other and due to the nature of Shine, everyone is very friendly and it also means all students will have at least one common interest!

Life Outside of Acting

The skills learnt in our lessons will not only help you within the acting industry but also in everyday situations and in the future. The team building skills you learn could help you in any situations with groups, whether that’s school group activities, work later in life or even in a job interview. You also learn other transferable skills, such as time management, confidence building and overall people skills.

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