Drama Classes

We have carefully planned and structured our drama classes to cater for all ages  and adapt a truly exceptional, fun and rewarding performing arts training


Our students will learn audition techniques and what to expect in an real audition setting.

Auditions and self-tapes are of fundamental importance. We teach how to behave as well as developing our students acting performance skill set to increase chances of gaining professional work.

Members of our team will assist students in the process of creating a self tape for an audition. 


We try to look and adapt a range of skills to teach.

Shine’s primary focus is developing our students acting ability and confidence. We build singing and dancing techniques to be ready for the centre stage!

During some lessons our students will have the opportunity explore projects. This could be creating music videos with the assistance of a professional choreographer and vocal coaches.

Students will have access to recording studios to create and produce projects. Our lessons are not only for acting we focus on all aspects of performing arts to encourage versatile.


We ensure our acting classes are varied and cater for all students. Each class focuses on range of different acting styles and techniques to broaden our students mindset.

We aim to develop our students acting abilities making them desirable to casting directors or to a live audience.

Focusing on building confidence, we put a big emphasis on having fun giving every student a chance and the opportunity to shine.


SPA is a Spotlight approved agency we aim our SPA Kids up for best fitting professional work .

SPA is an amazing opportunity for any young aspiring actor or actress. To be put forwards for castings for independent films, commercials, Netflix shows or films and West End productions is a dream come true.

Here at SPA we spend time to get to know our kids individually so we are able to put them up for roles that suit their skills.


Here at Shine we are dedicated to creating a family fun atmosphere for our students.

Shine run educational activities while focusing on team building exercises for new students to feel welcomed.

We encourage friendship building within lessons during group activities so students have freedom to discuss and build ideas with each other.


The skills learned during our lessons will not only help students with acting but also in everyday situations and in the future.

Our team building skills will support our students working in groups. This could be during school activities, in the work place or during a job interview later in life.

We teach other transferable skills, such as time management, confidence building and overall people skills.

Shine Online Drama Classes

Continue your drama lessons online

The Covid-19 Pandemic forced us into adapting a new form of teaching. We recognised that our students move at a quick rate in terms of confidence and development. Our students portray enthusiasm and hard work when taking on the tasks presented to them.

Our lessons approach learning by concentrating on vocal exercises, different aspects of facial expression, body language and movement with a naturalistic feel. We have lessons based on character development in monologues. Students can have the option to perform as part of LAMDA examination for solo dramatic performances, duologues or musical theatre monologues. Additional lessons include singing, accents, presenting skills, scriptwriting and voice over work.

Online lessons further highlight strengths in areas that may need individual attention. Shine Performing Arts teaching will support students with self taping preparations for auditioning and castings. Lessons will further support professional roles, competing in drama festivals or exams.

Online sessions can be booked as a course or alternatively on an ad hoc basis. Prior to an examination or casting we recommend booking a session to increase chances of success.

Join SPA the Spotlight approved agency- Open to all students! Private online sessions work towards better opportunities for auditions, self tapes and gives each child more of a chance of success in the area of professional casting.


Submit your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. We do our best to accommodate all, regardless of previous experience. Ultimately we are here to have fun!


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